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What OUR clients have to say about us (please note that names have had to be removed to protect our clients however they were still very happy to provide a testimonial.

Reference provided by NHS Anglia (Norfolk) – Rating based on 1 being low to 6 being high

Consistency of service – 5
The service provided to agreed time scales – 5
Response to emergencies is rapid and effective – 6
The service complies consistently with the specification – 5
Problems are addressed quickly and effectively – 5
Overal rating for this provider – 5

Question to NHS Anglia (Norfolk) about Ness M Care Services
Would you be willing to enter into another contract or extend any existing contracts if possible?

Answer:  We would be willing as they are responsive, efficient and very pleasant on the phone
NHS Continuing Healthcare Clinical Team Nurse Manager

“The carers have provided a good reliable service. My wife has always been treated with consideration and she has developed a good relationship with them”

Mr W husband to Mrs W

“I am very happy with Ness M Care. The manager did me a big favour by taking W off my list of carers. I really like J and S, I appreciate the manager for putting them down as my carers”


“All of Betty’s carers are excellent at caring for her”

Betty’s Auntie

“Very kind, caring and discreet service received, the manager was a pleasure to meet and be cared by”


“My father, brother and I are more than satisfied with the care that the manager and her team provided for my mother. We are full of admiration for them. Each carer was patient, cheerful and encouraging and they showed kindness and sensitivity at all times. We are particularly grateful to the manager who has, with question, the skills and personal qualities need for what must often be demanding and difficult work. We were very impressed by her and would like her to know how grateful we are for the care and kindness she showed for my mother and for her concern about my father’s welfare too. It was very good of her to bring along cakes on my mother’s 80th Birthday (a lovely touch) as she was, throughout, a warm, positive and reassuring influence. If at any time she, or Ness M Care Services as a whole, should need a reference or testimonial, we would be very happy to provide one for we would have no hesitation in recommending her (and her team) to others in similar circumstances to our own”

Son of Mrs P

“The care I have received has been first class. Right from the start the carers have been there for me when I have really needed someone.Thank you for everything you for for me, most appreciated”

Existing Client

“I emailed the office about L and her lack of interaction with J and how she assisted her up the stairs. Since then she has improved giving the necessary assistance. J* has been excellent. She talks with J a lot and is very encouraging and we hope that perhaps she could cover more weeks as she has more in common with Jenny”

Family of J

“The response to the initial request for live in care was prompt and efficient and provided reassurance that everything would be in place at the time of my mother’s discharge from hospital.
The carers are efficient and responsible, using their own initiative to solve complex issues, they are supported by the care Manager when needed with the carers own needs also considered along with my mothers.
The carers support my mother in a kind and considerate manner. They respect her needs and wishes, involving her where possible in tasks, and at the same time they are careful to ensure she is safe and reassured when distressed. We are very happy with the care“

Family of D