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Respite Care

“My daughter is having her first baby, I want to be with her. I do not want to leave Jim in a care home”

Respite Care is the provision of short-term, temporary relief to someone who is caring for family members who might otherwise require placement in a care home.

At Ness M Care we can provide you with a highly trained live in carer who will come to your home, and get to know the care your loved one receives in their normal environment. Our live in carer will continue with the family routine, Your loved one will not be inconvenienced by transportation and strange environments.

Even though you take great joy in providing care for your loved one, the physical and emotional consequences for you can be overwhelming. Respite provides the much needed break for you which and may prove beneficial to your health.

Whether you need respite care for an emergency or for planned regular breaks, by entrusting the care of your loved one to Ness M Care you will have piece of mind knowing that they will receive a high standard of care.