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Case Studies

End of Life care

Recently we accepted care of a self funding patient who was sign posted to our services by a social worker. The patient had been in hospital for almost 3 months, two months were spent waiting for appropriate care package and funding. He requested to go home with private care as he was nearing his last days and was desperate to spend those last days in his home.

Within 3 days of being contacted by the social worker  we had assessed the gentleman and our Live in  care was set up  ready to care for him at home.

He only lasted 6 days at home before he peacefully passed away. The smile on his face as we settled him in his bed which had been brought downstairs and facing the garden was priceless.

We knew him for a couple of days but he reminded us that there are people like him who just want to spend their last days in their homes with quality care.

At Ness M we continue to remind discharge planners in hospitals to give people options and opportunities to choose where they wish to be cared; their own home or within a care setting.

Live in Care is option for that many people would take if only they knew about a service such as our Live in care.

Live in Care for Couples

Mr and Mrs A chose to stay together regardless of their care needs. Mr A was the main carer for his wife who was already living with early stages of dementia when he had an accident that left him bed bound and with an acute development of dementia himself. The couple were lucky to have a daughter who would not have her parents in a care home.

Mr A qualified for continuing care funding and the couple are funding the second carer themselves so that they have 24 hour care.

We have been caring for Mr and Mrs for nearly 2 years now and are surprised and very proud of the improvements we have seen with Mr A. With support and care plans drawn up by the NHS community team of physio and occupational therapists the carers have worked hard and Mr A is now walking with aid of zimmer frame

The couple now attends a day centre which they thoroughly enjoy. The day centre also provides a great opportunity for them to get out and meet other people their age.  The centre has bath facilities that allow Mr A to take a bath which he would not be able to have at home.  Mrs A enjoys having her hair done at the day centre.

At Ness M Care services we work very closely with day care centres local to all our service users so that we can enrich the lives of people we care for. Our dedicated carers also enjoy being out in day centres as they see the value they bring to the people they care for.

Ness M Care services values working with the community care team of physios/occupational therapists, GP, district nurses, community mental healthcare nurse who all support us to deliver the best care to all the people we serve.

Live in care: more cost effective than HOURLY charged 24 hour care for NHS Continuing care funded complex cases

M has a cuffed tracheostomy which requires care and support from trained and skilled care staff 24 hrs. Two Live in carers are in place;  one working at night and the other during the day but at all times one care staff has that second,  immediate and locally available support of her colleague who can be summoned in an emergency. Otherwise 2 carers will employed on a daily hourly rate and another two at an unsocial hourly night rate.