What is Live-in Care?

Live in care is a direct alternate to going into a Care Home.  A care staff is employed by us to live and care for you in the comfort and familiar sorroundings of your home.

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How does it work?

At Ness M Care we start by finding the right care staff to support you by carrying out a thorough assessment of your care needs and assessment of your home environment to ensure that you have an appropriate environment of care. Great care is taken in providing you with the most appropriate carer to meet your requirements. It maybe that you require:

  • a carer with a certain level of experience and/or specialist training
  • a carer who can drive
  • a choice of male or female carers to support your personal care needs somebody who shares a hobby of interest
  • a carer who is comfortable looking after your animals

We work with you and those that are familiar with your existing routines and needs to design a support plan. Following this plan our live-in carer works with you to meet your personal needs and wishes. Your care is arranged on your terms and is designed to meet existing preferences for meals and eating times, naps and hobbies as well as established medication and care routines. As your needs change, our one-to-one care has the flexibility to evolve with you.

The nature of Live in Care means that your care staff will need to have their own room available with a comfortable bed to sleep in. Given the level of attention that the carer gives to you it is also important that your carer has a decent amount of rest at night so that they are able to continue giving that high level care during the day. However you have the comfort that they are available to assist you should you need assistance. To be suitable for the Live in Care service you should be able to summon help from your carer or your care needs should be predictable so that at most your carer is awoken no more than twice per night to assist you.

If there is no pattern to your night care needs and you are not in a position to summon help by calling or ringing and alert bell then extra care in the form of an hourly charged night care may be needed for the night.Should this extra care be required to support you there is no need to provide a bed as the carer will be awake and ready to provide all your care needs right through the night.

With our live in care services you will embrace all of these needs into one reasonable cost weekly cost.

  • Personal care:

    E.g. bathing, dressing, medication administration, eating and meals

  • Accessing Health Care:

    Help you get to your dentist, GP, optician, physiotherapy etc.

  • Accessing Social Opportunities:

    E.g. clubs, community groups and leisure activities

  • Companionship:

    We carefully select our care staff to suit individual personalities and encourage our service users to be involved in the recruitment of their care staff

  • Housekeeping, Laundry & Meal Preparation:

    With the live in care service you no longer need the regular cost of cleaning services for your home

Live in care is designed mainly to serve all those people who do not want to go into a care home. However Live in care can also be a solution in the following scenarios:

  • Hospital Discharge Planning

    of all patients who are declared “medical fit for discharge”  Live in care will reduce delays out of hospital while an appropriate community care package is being sourced( intermediate/interim care). Most effective as the patient is rehabilitated or recovers in the familiar sorroundinmg of their home with 1:1 care.

  • Respite care

    for a regular family carer who may need a break to go away on holiday